Product Details


Outdoor watering: YES

Rainwater tanks: YES

 Flood draining: YES

Water Transfer: YES

pool enptying: YES

Irrigation: NO

Car washing: NO

Working Condition:

Min. Working  (°C): 1°c    

Max. Working (°C): 40°c    

Particle Size (mm): 35mm

Key Specification:

Power: 750W    

Water Type: Dirty water

Water Flow Rate: 17000 L/hr    

Immersion Depth (m): 7m    

Maximum Suction Lift (m): 7m    

Protection grade: IP X8    

CE/GS Certificate: Yes    


pack size:  510*450*370mm/4pcs 

box size: 245*235*370mm  

GW/NW: 29.5/28.0kgs


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