Jemar Power Equipment

Our design philosophy is to firstly create a unique and "STUNNING HARD EDGE DESIGN" that will stand out from competitors at point of purchase and which is designed to give our customers "THE WINNING SALES EDGE".

The JEMAR design team then thoroughly research customer requirements for the "MOST WANTED FEATURES AND BENEFITS". Where ever possible we then "INNOVATE" these features and incorporate them into our designs. We have been commissioned to design products for many of the largest international power equipment brands who demand "DESIGN EXCELLENCE AND INNOVATION". We are confident that we will continue to pursue outstanding world class power tool designs.

Stunning designs are the key to attracting consumer attention, culminating in increased retail sales and higher profit margins.

While superior external design is vital, so too are unique product features. Ss a result, JEMAR continually strive to develop products with "Unique & Patented Features" that will assist consumers in ease of use, improved accuracy and performance.

30 years experience in the design and development of power tools, equips us with the knowledge to understand every possible product and component weakness that may arise. To ensure longer product life, every JEMAR power tool is engineered from the best quality components available.

  • Better Design

    Better Design

    Jemar products are better designed and better engineered and are made to strict quality and tolerance control standards. Products are engineered for a long working life and are  specially designed to work with superior performance.

    One of our objectives is to exceed the users performance expectation through advanced engineering and better design. For example our new garden shredder range has a unique and advanced high performance cutting system. This unique cutting system clearly demonstrates the better engineering built into every strong brand machine, it provides users with a 300% increase in volume of mulch output.

  • Better Marketing

    Better Marketing

    During the last decade we have established a talented executive team that continues to add real value through cost savings for our customers. The service we now provide includes product design, engineering, quality control, graphics, packaging development, owners operating manual development with safety requirements, point of sale merchandising material. We offer a full and completely integrated product supply service from product conception to ensuring products supplied in full and on time. This includes all the necessary marketing tactics to ensure a successful product sales launch.

  • Better Value

    Better Value

    We are proud of the reputation we have earned for value, not just a competitive product price. Our customers benefit from the service provided through cost and time saving while end users benefit from a reliable product which includes better performance. This product also includes user friendly quick changing of consumables and accessories. A new tool-less oil change system will be introduced on 4 cycle engines. So when you make the strong product choice you can be assured that you have chosen a product with this philosophy at the core of its inception and its development.