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Capacity(Wh/mAh):2304Wh(51.2V, 45Ah)

Lithium iron phosphate battery

Life Cycle:2000Cycle,≥80%

Parallel-Run Function:UP TO 10Kwh

Bluetooth connection to APP

UPS Function


AC Charging:2200W max,Power can be adjusted

Solar panels Charging(MPPT):10-100V, 800W max

Car Cigar port Charging:12V/24V,240W max


AC Output:Pure Sine Wave,Continuous 1800W, peak 3600W

USB-A output: 2pcs QC3.0 18W

Type-C output:2pcs PD 100W

DC5521 output: 2pcs, 12V, 3A, 36W max(each port)

Car Cigar Socket: 1pc, 12V, 10A, 120W max

Wireless charger:2pcs15W max

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