Our design philosophy is to firstly a unique and "STUNNING HARD EDGE DESIGN" that will stand out from competitors at point of purchase and which is designed to give our customers "THE WINNING SALES EDGE".

The jemar design team then thoroughly research customer requirements for the "MOST WANTED FEATURES AND BENEFITS". Where ever possible we then "INNOVATE" these features and incorporate them into out designs. We have been commissioned to design products for many of the largest international power equipment brands who demand "DESIGN EXCELLENCE AND INNOVATION". We are confident that we will continue to outstanding world class power tool designs.

Stunning designs are the key to attracting consumer attention, culminating in increased retail sales and higher profit margins.

While superior external design is vital, so too are unique product features. Ss a result, JEMAR continually strive to develop products with "Unique & Patented Features" that will assist consumers in ease of use, improved accuracy and performance.

30 years experience in the design and development of power tools, equips us with the knowledge to understand every possible product and component weakness that may arise. To ensure longer product life, every JEMAR power tool is engineered from the best quality components available.